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Milk Crate Storage: storage solutions you might not have considered

Home renovations can be expensive undertakings, so many people are opting for smaller, more cosmetic changes to their homes instead. These sorts of changes tend to fall under redecorating rather than any other significant changes, and may include changing blinds and carpets, repainting, or generally restyling your home. With the ever growing need for storage for today's homeowner, many people are also opting for new and novel ways of organizing the way their things are stored around their home. One increasingly popular option for those who are in need of improved storage space is the humble milk crate.

Milk crate storage might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a place to put your bits and pieces, but it's actually a great option for a variety of different budgets and housing contexts. There are many different milk crate storage items on the market in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, so it's a versatile option that you'd do well to look into.

One popular type of milk crate is the traditional brightly colored plastic milk crate often seen outside milk bars or supermarkets. These tend to be made of a sort of plastic mesh, with sides that are fairly open and can be seen through. These sorts of milk crates are a great option for storage in your teenagers' bedrooms, and are also great for giving a sort of bohemian or shabby chic look to your home. You can stack different colored crates next to each other to create a vibrant look, or you can consider painting them so that they all match. A row of hot pink milk crates in a teenager's room, for example, can be a fun look. These crates are great for storing things such as book, CDs, cosmetics, toys, and small items of clothing. They're a great way of keeping notoriously messy teenagers' things tidied away.

Milk crates aren't only available in the rough and bright plastic we're most familiar with. There are actually a great number of designer or more upmarket designs on the market today. This is to meet increased demand for this sort of storage. These sorts of milk crate-shaped storage options can be purchased in a variety of different materials and colors, making them a great choice for homeowners. They range from inexpensive to quite expensive, and can be bought from a variety of different stores.

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